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Terms and Conditions

We accept all major credit and debit cards except American Express and Diners Club

We require payment to be made to us by debit or credit card or on account by prior agreement. Should you wish to open an account please make a request by email prior to your appointment.

Cash is not accepted for services but is gratefully received for staff gratuity if you so wish. 100% of all gratuities go to our staff.

If there are any extra services provided on the day or surcharges, this will be processed on the same payment.

At least 24 hours’ notice is required for cancellations.
Less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at 50% of the appointment total.

If we arrive for your appointment and we cannot conduct our work through circumstance NOT of our making, a full charge will be deducted from your card e.g. no one home, vehicle not available, no space to conduct our work or other reasons caused by the customer.

Customers vehicle must be parked by the customer in a location where our staff can valet it without the need for us to drive it. Our staff will only drive customer’s vehicles by prior agreement.

Personal items must be removed from the vehicle before the appointment. The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects left in the vehicle.

The company does not accept responsibility for personal items left within the vehicle.

It is the customer’s responsibility to point out any defects to their vehicle paint or other relevant areas; damaged, chipped, flaky or other defective areas of the vehicle paintwork which may worsen with high pressure washing equipment if there is already an underlying problem. The company does not accept liability for these areas if our equipment worsens the damage which the customer has neglected to inform us of.

Child seats must be removed by the customer, if not removed we will valet the car with the child seat in place as our staff are not permitted to remove or refit child seats.

Our prices are based on average condition of vehicles and the amount of anticipated dirt, soil and rubbish etc. we might find inside. If your vehicle is excessively dirty beyond a reasonable amount, our valeter might need to impose a surcharge to each relevant vehicle as this will massively increase the time we require to clean each vehicle.

Our surcharge fees are from £30 to £50 depending on size and condition of each vehicle found to be excessively dirty.

If your vehicle has pet hair which you require us to remove/clean but have not informed us of this or booked our Pet Hair service, we will need to charge for this service at our usual rate.

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