Valet Pricing

How we charge

All prices are on a per vehicle basis and depend on its size:

  • A Small-Medium vehicle is a typical Saloon, Hatchback or Coupe.
  • We classify a Large vehicle as an SUV, 4×4, Estate or 7 Seater.


There is a minimum charge of £50 per visit and all prices may vary depending on vehicle condition. Take a look at our terms and conditions.

1 STAR - Routine Clean

Small-Medium:  £40      /      Large:  £50      /      Approx. 1 hr

Ideal routine treatment of your vehicle. Includes full exterior wash, wheels and wheel arches washed with silicone based traffic film removers and shampoos, then leather dried & hand buffed and tyres dressed. Vacuum interior seats & carpets and general clean of dashboard & components. Boot area vacuumed if empty.

2 STAR - Full Valet

Small-Medium: £95      /      Large: £115      /      Approx. 2-3 hrs

Full valet consisting of detailed and intricate work which includes meticulous high pressure washing of the vehicle & engine compartment (NOT engine). Wheels and arches thoroughly washed with Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner. Meticulous cleaning & vacuuming of the interior of the car and boot (if empty). Clean clocks, dials, instruments, air vents etc. & detailed clean of dashboard & all interior components. Glass polished and the entire vehicle fully hand waxed with Autoglym HD Wax.

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3 STAR - Full Valet Plus

Small-Medium: £150      /     Large: £175      /      Approx 4-5 hrs

This service includes the above 2 Star as well as full shampoo of seats, carpets, roof lining and all fabric. Leather seats are washed and cleaned. Meticulous vacuuming inside the car and wet vac shampoo of all fabrics & carpets with stain removal products to return your interior back to a clean, fresh smelling and stain free condition.
NB. Customer is required to allow approx. 4 hours of drying time in vented conditions to avoid dampness & moisture inside the vehicle afterwards.

4 STAR - Showroom Valet

Small-Medium: £390      /      Large: £450      /      Approx 6+ hrs

Designed to ensure your car is valeted to motor trade standards with meticulous and comprehensive detail throughout the car. This service includes all the above plus a Full Machine Polish to the entire paintwork. Machine Polishing the car is designed to remove/reduce paint imperfections, scratches, swirl marks, patchy & damaged areas, this also helps to restore faded paint and return it to a glossy and highly waxed condition. the usual cost for this service in the motor trade would be in excess of £800+ and to have the car resprayed in a body shop would be likely be in the region of £1500 upwards.

Want to see what’s included in each valet?

5 STAR - Showroom Valet Plus

Small-Medium: £520      /      Large: £580      /      Approx 7+ hrs

This service is designed to not only meticulously valet your vehicle throughout but also adds protection to both interior and exterior areas which help maintain and prolong your vehicles condition, and ultimately the value of it. It comes with all the above services but also includes Lifeshine protection by Autoglym. Life on the road can be tough, Life Shine is tougher. Road salt, traffic film, strong detergents, the weather – just some of the elements that can diminish your car’s beautiful condition and finish, and that’s just on the outside. Things can get just as messy on the inside – especially with children, dirt, mud, wear & tear, food & drink and tobacco. LifeShines Carbon Shield Technology fuses liquid carbon vehicle paintwork to create a barrier against harsh contaminants and the elements. Our premium valet and vehicle protection service includes all the above services plus the application of Autoglym’s Lifeshine paint and interior protection system which is designed and used by many dealerships in the motor trade to protect your paint from the elements and the interior from daily spillages and stains. Clay Bar treatment to the paint is also used to remove contamination and rough areas before applying the protection coating. The price you would pay for this product and type of valet in a car dealership would normally be well in excess of £1000. If you value your car, its condition and its resale value, this is a must have service.

Additional Services

We have a comprehensive range of services to complement our valets.

From adding that special polish to a routine clean to tackling those tricky pet hairs on seats and carpets.
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