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1 STAR - Routine Clean from £40

A great way to keep your car looking & feeling fresh and an ideal regular clean and freshen up.

2 STAR - Full Valet from £95

Ideal first level valet for a meticulous service throughout the car.

3 STAR - Full Valet Plus from £150

Perfect for removing stains from seats, carpets & upholstery which leaves your interior looking, feeling & smelling fresh & clean.

4 STAR - Showroom Valet from £390

Get your paint work restored without the expense of respraying it & make it look & feel almost new again.

5 STAR - Showroom Valet Plus from £520

Maintain your car’s value and protect your asset against deterioration with our Lifeshine protection coating.

Not sure which valet is best for you?

Take a look ate what’s included in each of our valets. Or give us a call on 0208 150 1999 and we’ll help.